Reiki (Rey-Key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal life force energy. This method of healing uses energy to balance body and mind, and its benefits can be felt by both the Reiki practitioners and their clients, In fact, Reiki is believed to improve just about any aspect of life, from physical health to emotional well-being to stress reduction and mental clarity, it is also used to protect property, animals, plants and trees.

Some of the healing benefits of Reiki

> Physical Level

> Emotional Level

> Mental Level

> Spritual Level

Remote Usui Reiki Healing Treatment

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Wonderful! Victoria has helped me beyond words! I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done. LC

I felt so comfortable being around you, at ease straight away, and the setting was very relaxing and peaceful. The Reiki session was amazing, I felt dreamy and could feel the “heat” so I knew it was working, I left feeling totally relaxed, at ease, pain free and very very happy with the whole experience/treatment! Thank you so much and I look forward to our next session xx ZJ

Victoria is amazing at healing, especially distance healing. My young daughter suffers from growing pains in both knees and with the help of distance healing, the pain soon goes and she feels happy once again, I cannot thank you enough x LT

Victoria has helped me beyond words! I can't thank her enough for everything she has done to give me strength. Victoria is a guiding light.

Yesterday my rabbit was not himself and wasn't eating anything. After Victoria had sent him Reiki this morning, he was eating, bouncing around and back to his normal self. Thank you so much Victoria.

After a very irritated baby due to tummy troubles..finally after some reiki he is back to his beautiful self! Highly recommend anyone who is looking for pain relief or a remedy to relief and heal..choose Victoria to help you!

Victoria's healings and private readings are surprisingly superb! If you were ever skeptical then...

I had a really bad toothache and didn't no what to do with myself, then I remembered Victoria telling me if I ever needed her help to just let her know. I called her and she asked me questions about where it was and how long I had been in pain. She then told me to lay in a quiet place and try to relax and she would do some long distance reiki and light a healing candle for me. I did what she asked, not knowing if she could help. After about 30mins the pain was getting better, I told Victoria this and she told me to try and go to sleep and she would continue to help me. I managed to get to sleep because the pain had got a lot better and I couldn't believe it, in the morning there was no pain even when I had something to eat there was a little pain then it went. Thank you so much for your help Victoria I don't know how reiki works but I know you will be the first person I call when help is needed in my life. What an amazing person you are. Tracy x

Victoria helped me so much! I was anxious about having my dental treatment but Victoria soon relieved that anxiety and I was calm and relaxed when I had my treatment. Distance reiki really works! Thank you Victoria. L P C

I asked Victoria for some reiki as I had not been sleeping well due to a painful ache in my shoulders and neck due to stress ... within hours I could feel the pain subsiding and after a fab night sleep I woke up the next day with no pain whatsoever and I actually feel my worries have subsided too I can not recommend her enough! Thank you E L J

For some time I have been suffering with pain in my left shoulder. The pain stopped me from getting a proper sleep at night. I asked for help and some reiki healing from Victoria. ....As I live some miles away Victoria told me she could still help me by sending Distance Reiki Healing. Which she did and also sent me some healing charged candles for me to light for a certain amount of time when I was suffering with the pain. I cannot express how much this has helped my shoulder and I very rarely get anymore pain but if I get the odd niggle I just light a candle and unbelievably it eases within minutes. So I highly recommend Victoria, she is a special lady with special Reiki healing powers. Thank you Victoria xx